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Cheap International Calls

Welcome to firstnumber, a great service that lets you make cheap international calls from anywhere in the UK. If you want to make cheap calls to hundreds of countries worldwide this is the right service for you.

Firstnumber Card To make cheap calls using any one of our access numbers simply choose your country from our list of available cheap international calls and follow the instructions given.

We're one of the market leaders when it comes to providing high quality, low-cost international calls to hundreds of countries around the world, whether it be our cheap calls to Australia or cheap calls to South Africa. What's more, we're adding more cheap countries all the time, so come and visit us regularly.

Why use Firstnumber for cheap international calls?

  • No hidden costs
  • No account set up
  • No subscription fee
  • No crackly lines or crossed wires
  • No phone card 
  • No limits on how long you use the service

It's really easy to use and you can find out how it works here. When you use the service to make your cheap calls you only pay for calling one of our access numbers. Your service provider will bill you - not us.

Here's some of our cheapest, most popular numbers just to get you started:

Cheap calls to China

Cheap calls to China cost just 1p per minute

Cheap calls to India

Cheap Calls to India cost just 1p per minute

Cheap calls to Canada

Cheap calls to Canada cost just 1p per minute

Cheap calls to USA

Cheap Calls to USA cost just 1p per minute

Cheap calls to Australia

Cheap Calls to Australia cost just 1p per minute

Cheap calls to Spain

Cheap Calls to Spain cost just 1p per minute

Cheap calls to France

Cheap Calls to France cost just 1p per minute

Cheap calls to South Africa

Cheap Calls to South Africa cost just 3p per minute

Who uses Firstnumber?

Everyone is welcome to use Firstnumber! We'd like to think of ourselves as one big happy family united by our love of cheap calls and affordable phone bills.

While anyone can save money on their phone bill with FirstNumber, here's some examples of people who might find the service particularly useful:

Friends & Family

People who want to be able to call their friends and family abroad as if they just live around the corner.

Students' Cheap Calls

Overseas students who are studying in the UK and want to be able to make cheap calls back home.

Cheap Calls for Businesses

Businesses who don't want to lose money by racking up expensive international phone bills but want to maintain an international presence and trade with foreign companies and customers.

Cheap Calls for Foriegn Guests

Anyone who owns a bed & breakfast or hotel and wants to offer foreign guests the opportunity to call abroad for discount rates.

Cheap international business calls

If you make international business calls you can save money with Firstnumber by using our cheap calls to Spain or cheap calls to USA. Whether you have a large corporation or a small business, you can cut your costs and increase your bottom line by using the cheap international business calls from Firstnumber.

  • Huge savings on international business calls
  • Call over 500 countries from the UK
  • Call from just about any phone in the UK
  • Choice of landline or mobile access number for most countries

No matter what your business needs you can start saving now by using Firstnumber access numbers to make your cheap international business calls. Start saving from the first phone call and see the difference it makes to your bottom line.

Your employees simply dial the access number before they make their international business call saving you money every time.

Why do we use BT landlines to base our call rates on?

We base all call prices on BT since they are the UK's biggest landline provider and more people are therefore likely to be using their service.

Fear not though, similar prices still apply to other networks. Simply give their customer service team a buzz to find out more.

Alternatively you could hop onto your mobile and make the call from there for great calls per minute. Simply check with your provider to find out how much you could save with Firstnumber!

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User Testimonials
Firstnumber lets me make cheaper calls to my good friends in Australia.
Firstnumber is very clear and it's easy to find the country you're looking for.
The prices are very, very good. Thank you firstnumber!
Firstnumber is straightforward and easy to use.
Firstnumber halves my phone bill every month.
I love firstnumber! I used the service to call friends in Thailand.
I couldn't believe that all those hours of firstnumber call time still cost under £10!
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