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Cheap Calls to Ascension Island

Make cheap calls to Ascension Island from your mobile or landline

Ascension Island Flag Firstnumber lets you make cheap calls to Ascension Island so you can talk for longer with our cheap call rates. Simply dial the Ascension Island access code followed by the relevant area code and the number you would like to call.

Ascension Island International Call Options & Access Numbers

Ascension Island Country Dialling Code: 00247

firstnumber access numbers & rates
Available? Detail Access Number Rate Country Code
International Landline Calls Available Ascension Island | Landline Not in Service 100p 00247
International Mobile Calls Available Ascension Island | Mobile Not in Service 100p 00247
Additional 'In Country Rates' for Ascension Island
Available? Feature Details Access Number Rate

Make a Cheap Call from your Landline

  1. Dial the landline access number for Ascension Island.
  2. When prompted* dial the country code and the number you want to call.
  3. You will be connected.

* You can dial your destination number at any time during the prompt.

Make a Cheap Call from your Mobile

  1. From your mobile phone* dial the mobile access number for Ascension Island and press 'Send'.
  2. After the voice prompt dial the Ascension Island country code and the number you want to call (do not press 'Send' again)
  3. You will be connected.

* Please check with your mobile service provider Use the numbers alongside to check how much your service providers will charge you to call our access numbers if you are unsure.

Area Dialling Codes for Ascension Island

Also available from firstnumber for your guidance is a list of relevant area dialling codes for Ascension Island. Don't forget to dial the country dial code for Ascension Island (00247), then drop any numbers in brackets below from your number's area code before the number you want to dial.

City Dialling Code List for Ascension Island
Area Area Code Notes
Georgetown 6 + 3 digits
Travellers Hill 30 + 2 digits
Travellers Hill 31 + 2 digits
Travellers Hill 32 + 2 digits
Travellers Hill 33 + 2 digits
Travellers Hill 34 + 2 digits
Travellers Hill 35 + 2 digits
Two Boats 44 + 2 digits
Two Boats 45 + 2 digits
Two Boats 46 + 2 digits
US Base 2 + 3 digits
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User Testimonials
Firstnumber lets me make cheaper calls to my good friends in Australia.
Firstnumber is very clear and it's easy to find the country you're looking for.
The prices are very, very good. Thank you firstnumber!
Firstnumber is straightforward and easy to use.
Firstnumber halves my phone bill every month.
I love firstnumber! I used the service to call friends in Thailand.
I couldn't believe that all those hours of firstnumber call time still cost under £10!
Common Mobile Provider Support Numbers

Call your mobile service provider for pricing details on using our mobile access number (i.e. Not in Service) with your provider.

Mobile service provider support numbers are:

  • O2: 0870 241 02 02
  • Virgin Mobile:
    • 789 from your mobile
    • 0845 6000 789 from a landline
  • Vodafone:
    • 191 from your mobile
    • 08700 700 191 from a landline
  • Orange:
    • 150 from your mobile
    • 07973 100 150 from a landline
  • T-Mobile:
    • 150 from your mobile
    • 0845 412 5000 from a landline
  • 3 Mobile:
    • 133 320 from your mobile