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phone addicition

Students Increasingly ‘Addicted’ to Their Mobile Phones, Warns Study

Wed 03 Sep, 2014 // Firstnumber

A recent study carried out by researchers from Baylor University found that female college students spent upwards of ten hours a day on their phones. The study also showed that 60% of students admitting to being addicted to the technology. "As cell phone functions increase, addictions to this seemingly indispensable ...

cheap smartphone

Mozilla Introduce Low-Cost Smartphone in India

Wed 27 Aug, 2014 // Firstnumber

Mozilla have unveiled an ultra-low cost smartphone for consumers in India. The phone, called the Intex Cloud FX, went on sale in the popular Indian e-marketplace for 1999 Rupees (around £20). The phone runs on Mozilla’s own Firefox operating system, and is designed to take advantage of India’s status ...

locked phone

UK Police Lobbying for Compulsory Mobile Phone Pins

Tue 19 Aug, 2014 // Firstnumber

Do you have a pin code to enter your phone? The UK Police Force thinks you should – and they're lobbying the government and major mobile manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung, to include one as standard with every new phone. The National Mobile Phone Crime Unit (NMPCU) has been working ...

Phone Signal

Mobile Signal A Top Priority for Young Home Buyers

Tue 05 Aug, 2014 // Firstnumber

New research by mobile analytics experts RootMetrics has revealed the top priority for young home buyers: good mobile signal. It's the most important factor in buying a new home for nearly half of all 18-35 year olds questioned, but this figure drops to just 25% for those aged over 55. ...

Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh Festivals with firstnumber

Thu 31 Jul, 2014 // Firstnumber

The streets of Edinburgh are filling up as thousands of culture-lovers flock to Scotland's capital for 2014's Edinburgh Festivals. The first three weeks of August play host to a number of different festivals, which together make up the world's largest annual cultural festival. There are twelve festivals under the umbrella ...


Get Ready for the Commonwealth Games with Firstnumber

Mon 07 Jul, 2014 // Firstnumber

Glasgow is heating up and the competitors are intensifying their training as the 2014 Commonwealth Games approach. Taking place between 23 July and 3 August, the Games comprise of 17 different sports – ranging from table tennis to wrestling and gymnastics – and athletes from all over the globe will be ...

Father's Day

Call Your Dad this Father's Day with firstnumber

Fri 13 Jun, 2014 // Firstnumber

As we approach the middle of the year and get into the swing of the World Cup, it's easy to forget that Father's Day is coming up this Sunday. An annual celebration of fathers, fatherhood and the bond between dads and their children, the day is usually observed on the ...


Top 3 World Cup Mobile Apps

Wed 11 Jun, 2014 // Firstnumber

It's World Cup season and the hunt is on for the best new ways to stay connected and keep up to date with match results. With the rise of fake apps and low-quality games it can be tough to separate the wheat from the chaff, so we've chosen 3 of ...

Old mobile phones

Third of UK Mums Using Recycled Phones

Mon 02 Jun, 2014 // Firstnumber

Teenagers and twenty-somethings are increasingly passing on unwanted technology to their parents and grandparents, a study has revealed. These tech ‘hand-me-ups’ are becoming more and more common in families as the younger generation is discarding technologies in favour of up-to-the-minute gadgets. The study, by online retailer, found that one ...

Mother's Day

Cheap International Calls from firstnumber on Mother's Day

Fri 09 May, 2014 // Firstnumber

Mother's Day is an annual celebration primarily of mothers, but also of grandmothers, mothers-in-law, guardians and other female relatives. The day is observed across the globe, on different dates for each country. But one thing unites them all – the opportunity to catch up with mum, and show her your ...

Texting while driving

New Apple ‘Lock-Out’ Patent Could Prevent Texting While Driving

Mon 05 May, 2014 // Firstnumber

Apple’s newest patent suggests automatic ‘lock out’ technology could make its way to the iPhone to combat phone use behind the wheel. The automated system, described in the patent filing as a “driver handheld computing device lock-out” system, would use on-board sensors when connected to block the use of certain ...


Google Chromecast Now Available in the UK

Wed 19 Mar, 2014 // Firstnumber

Available at a consumer-friendly price of £30, Google's Chromecast is being forecast as a major rival for Apple's £99 TV product. This new gadget claims to make televisions “smarter” by letting viewers stream video content from the internet. This includes shows from YouTube, Netflix and BBC iPlayer."Chromecast is all about ...


Battle Against Mobile Adware Not Over Yet, Security Firm Warns

Fri 21 Feb, 2014 // Firstnumber

According to figures published by the security firm Lookout, Google's recent crackdown on malicious ‘adware’ within Android apps has had an immediate impact on the amount of users encountering this type of mobile malware. Covering various categories of mobile malware, the security technology company has published the figures for “encounter ...

Smartphone addiction

New App Reveals Levels of Mobile Addiction

Wed 29 Jan, 2014 // Firstnumber

A team of German computer scientists and psychologists from the University of Bonn have developed an app to allow people to monitor their smartphone usage and detect signs of mobile addiction.

Bin bag

UK Users Recycling Old Phones Without Deleting Their Data

Mon 06 Jan, 2014 // Firstnumber

UK Users Recycling Old Phones Without Deleting Their DataMobile phone security firm BlackBelt has released new research, which shows that a large proportion of recycled phones contains personal data from previous owners.Working in partnership with YouGov, BlackBelt wanted to see whether users adequately remove data from their old phones before recycling them to ...


Survey Suggests Average UK Teenager 'Owns Six Digital Devices'

Fri 20 Dec, 2013 // Firstnumber

According to a survey carried out by global IT firm Logicalis, the average British teenager owns six digital devices and posts photos and information online on a regular basis. According to Logicalis, it may not be long before the nation's youth see “always-on-connectivity” as a right. The poll showed that ...

Credit card

Channel 4 App Helps Curb Children's Mobile Gaming Habit

Thu 19 Dec, 2013 // Firstnumber

An app inspired by Raymond Briggs' The Snowman has introduced a cap on how much users can spend while using it, tackling the issue of in-app spending by children. Suitable for iPhone, iPad and Android phones, the free game was launched by Channel 4 earlier this month and is a ...

Mobile Christmas

We Wish You a Mobile Christmas

Thu 14 Nov, 2013 // Firstnumber

Retailers have predicted that the number of presents bought online through transactions made via smartphones and tablets will more than double this year. "We expect this Christmas to be a tipping point, where the majority of our online sales come from mobile devices," said Mark Lewis, Online Director of the ...


Samsung to Launch Smartphone with Curved Display

Thu 10 Oct, 2013 // Firstnumber

According to the latest media reports, Samsung Electronics is planning on launching handsets with curved displays.  "We plan to introduce a smartphone with a curved display in South Korea in October," the company announced during the Galaxy Note 3 launch event in Seoul. As revealed by DJ Lee, Samsung's head ...

Video call

Skype Has Developed 3D Video Calls

Fri 20 Sep, 2013 // Firstnumber

Marking its 10th anniversary, Skype's senior executive Mark Gillet revealed that the company is working on 3D call technology. "We've done work in the labs looking at the capability of 3D-screens and 3D-capture," Gillet said in a recent interview with the BBC.


Apple Launches iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

Thu 12 Sep, 2013 // Firstnumber

Apple has launched two new smartphones – the speedy iPhone 5S and the less expensive iPhone 5C, at a special launch event in Cupertino, California. The industry-leading handset comes with a 'Touch ID' fingerprint sensor, and is available in champagne gold, silver and 'Space Grey'. Furthermore, a cheaper handset is ...

Cold calling

Fighting Back Against Cold Callers

Fri 30 Aug, 2013 // Firstnumber

Nearly all of us have been on the receiving end of a cold call before. Most will regret ever having picked up the phone. But now a businessman from Leeds, fed up with being inundated with these nuisance calls, has turned the tables on the very same companies cold-calling him by charging them every time they call him.


Ramadan: Bringing Families Together

Thu 25 Jul, 2013 // Firstnumber

As we are now in the midst of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim year during which strict daytime fasting is observed in daylight hours, Muslims across the world will be spending quality time with their family and friends – a time of coming together to partake in spiritual reflection and increased worship. And for those with families in faraway lands, it is a time to connect with their loved ones through the power of modern technology.

Image courtesy of Garmin

Garmin Release New Head-Up Display: An Innovative Sat Nav Solution

Wed 17 Jul, 2013 // Firstnumber

Although a growing number of cars nowadays are equipped with inbuilt head-up display units, Garmin, a global leader in satellite navigation, has went one step further to produce an innovative sat nav solution to suit just about any vehicle.

Mobile Phone Etiquette

Mobile Phone Etiquette

Wed 10 Jul, 2013 // Firstnumber

After the story of a woman who was refused service by a checkout assistant because she was on her phone hit the headlines last week, there has been heated debate surrounding mobile phone etiquette and what is considered acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

Data Security, privacy, top secret, phone hacking

NSA Prism & Telephone Tracking- Is The Hysteria Justified?

Wed 19 Jun, 2013 // Firstnumber

International press, Twitter and the blogosphere have been awash this week with reports that contractor Edward Snowden has leaked US governmental intelligence regarding the monitoring of US citizens telephone activity by the National Security Agency (NSA).

morse telegram

January in phone history

Wed 02 Jan, 2013 // Firstnumber

There's nothing quite like a brief history lesson to kick off the new year! January has been quite significant in phone history with events such as the first transcontinental phone call taking place in the first month of the year. But what else has occurred over the years?

santa on the phone

December in phone history

Fri 14 Dec, 2012 // Firstnumber

And here we were thinking October and November were busy months in phone history... December proves to have been one too!

visit India

Destination of the month: India

Fri 07 Dec, 2012 // Firstnumber

India is often referred to as the ultimate destination for a spot of soul searching, and that it truly is. A country with such cultural diversity, so many sounds, colours and flavours, so many opportunities for adventure is the ideal setting for an escape from routine.


World Conference on International Telecommunications to be held in UAE

Thu 29 Nov, 2012 // Firstnumber

The United Arab Emirates and its Telecommunications Regulatory Authority will next week play host to the World Conference on International Telecommunications. Held from 3-14 December and organised by the United Nations' International Telecommunication Union (ITU) agency, the conference will take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

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    Students Increasingly ‘Addicted’ to Their Mobile Phones, Warns Study

    A recent study carried out by researchers from Baylor University found that female college students spent upwards of ten hours a day on their phones. The study also showed that 60% of students admitting to being addicted to the technology. "As cell phone functions increase, addictions to this seemingly indispensable ...

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