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phoning while driving

Many drivers ignoring mobile phone ban

Fri 23 Nov, 2012 // Firstnumber

Research commissioned by LV= insurance company reveals that a third of motorists in the UK still use hand-held phones while at the wheel, despite fines of £60 and three points on your licence. This is 33 percent of over 11.3 million UK drivers.

push button phone

November in phone history

Fri 16 Nov, 2012 // Firstnumber

November has been quite an eventful month in the history of telecommunications. From new telephone lines connecting places far and wide, to the launch of Android beta, it has borne witness to major developments.

Thailand destination

Destination of the month: Thailand

Wed 07 Nov, 2012 // Firstnumber

Thailand, a land of stunning beaches, delicious and healthy cuisine, contrasting history and modern infrastructure, and such a lively party scene. If you haven't been yet, persuade your friends or partner to go on an adventure to the Southeast Asian country.

Flooded Manhattan

Sandy causes major phone outages

Fri 02 Nov, 2012 // Firstnumber

Superstorm Sandy is to blame for major phone outages in 10 US states, including New York and Massachusetts. On Tuesday, Chairman Julius Genachowski of the Federal Communications Commission warned the situation was likely to get worse before improving. Sandy has well and truly left its mark on the communications infrastructure. ...

phone history

October in phone history

Fri 19 Oct, 2012 // Firstnumber

Wow, what a month October has been in the world of telephones!

bill shock

French woman receives whopping trillion-Euro phone bill

Fri 12 Oct, 2012 // Firstnumber

A woman in France received a telephone bill for nearly 6,000 times the country's annual gross domestic product. It appears the phone company, Bouygues Telecom overdid it on the zeros, and what was initially a bill for Euro 11,721,000,000,000,000 was eventually lowered to the correct sum of Euro 117.21 (£94.44).

France destination

Destination of the month: France

Tue 02 Oct, 2012 // Firstnumber

La France attracts more foreign visitors per year than any other country in the world. Need the French do any further destination marketing?

Parkinson's telephone diagnosis

Voice recording to detect Parkinson's disease

Fri 28 Sep, 2012 // Firstnumber

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a computer programme that can identify Parkinson's sufferers with 99 per cent accuracy by analysing their speech, they claim.

free mobile apps

Free mobile apps remain most popular

Fri 14 Sep, 2012 // Firstnumber

The number of free app downloads is expected to account for 89 per cent of total mobile app downloads this year, according to a report by Gartner Inc. 90 per cent of the paid applications downloaded cost less than 3 USD each.

Germany destination of the month

Destination of the month: Germany

Fri 07 Sep, 2012 // Firstnumber

When in Germany, many visitors make the mistake of just visiting Berlin. But there is so much more to see and there are so many other adventures on offer throughout Europe's most populous country.

workplace landline

Workplace landlines set to become a thing of the past

Fri 31 Aug, 2012 // Firstnumber

Workplace landlines will be a thing of the past in as little as five years time, new research suggests. In a survey of 500 senior IT executives, Virgin Media Business discovered sixty-five per cent of those interviewed believe smartphones will fully replace desk phones until 2017.

mobile phone store

The fixed contracts that aren't fixed

Fri 17 Aug, 2012 // Firstnumber

The majority of mobile phone shops are misleading customers, a watchdog has found. A mystery shopping campaign carried out by Which? last month determined that 82% of staff in the stores its representatives visited gave false information on so-called “fixed” deals, even when specifically asked whether the price would remain unchanged for the duration of the contract.

august phone history

August in phone history

Mon 13 Aug, 2012 // Firstnumber

August 1876 saw Alexander Graham Bell make the world's first long distance telephone call, at a distance of approximately 6 miles between Brantford and Paris in Ontario, Canada.

gdansk poland destination

Destination of the month: Poland

Tue 07 Aug, 2012 // Firstnumber

Poland - the cradle of composer Chopin, Pope John Paul II, and astronomer Copernicus. A country that has produced such historically important figures has got to be worth exploring and, fortunately, it really is.

weather alert message

Philadelphians shaken by false weather alert messages

Fri 03 Aug, 2012 // Firstnumber

Residents in some parts of Philadelphia, USA were surprised to receive weather alerts on what seemed like a fine day earlier this week. “Severe alert! Flash flood warning” messages were sent to to mobile phone users in the area as part of the recently launched Commercial Alert Mobile System.

Olympic park mobile networks

Olympic Park equipped to handle strain on mobile networks

Fri 27 Jul, 2012 // Firstnumber

Mobile communications providers are confident their networks will cope with the strain of participants, media and spectators using their phones at London's Olympic Park over the course of the Games.

july telephone history

July in Telephone History

Fri 20 Jul, 2012 // Firstnumber

It was July in 1877 when the first pair of telephones arrived on British soil. Inventor Alexander Graham Bell was a Scotsman, but he came up with the device across the pond, in Boston, USA.

Bono surprises daughter with Telephone

Bono surprises daughter with “Telephone” for 21st

Fri 13 Jul, 2012 // Firstnumber

When you're the daughter of a world famous rock star, you'd expect to get a special present on your 21st birthday. Bono and wife Ali Hewson's youngest daughter Eve got just that when she was celebrating her coming of age party in Las Vegas earlier this week.

phones for starving children

Old mobile phones to raise money for starving children

Fri 06 Jul, 2012 // Firstnumber

A UK based charity for disadvantaged children is urging the public to donate their old mobile phones to raise money for a free meal scheme. Kids Company believes that as many as one million children across the country could be suffering from “food insecurity” or not knowing when their next meal will be. This is equivalent to two per every school class.

cheap calls to South Africa

Destination of the month: South Africa

Tue 03 Jul, 2012 // Firstnumber

South Africa is an outdoorsy tourist's ultimate destination. It boasts some of the most impressive ocean shore scenery, hiking trails and game reserves the world over.

mobile phone implant

Research team proposes mobile phone implants

Fri 29 Jun, 2012 // Firstnumber

Pacemakers, breast and contraceptive implants are nothing unusual in the 21st century. So the idea of a mobile phone implant shouldn't come as a shock, right? Or? Research to explore this possibility is underway at Autodesk, a Toronto-based software company.

diy mobile phone

Building your own phone could soon be possible

Fri 22 Jun, 2012 // Firstnumber

Isn't it annoying how mobile phone trends seem to change every few months? One minute you own the coolest handset on the market, and the next it's been deemed “passé”. Wouldn't it be cool to own a phone that stands out constantly, and sparks many a conversation? Well, this may soon become possible.

iphone 5th birthday

Happy 5th birthday, iPhone

Thu 21 Jun, 2012 // Firstnumber

This month marks the five year anniversary of the iPhone's debut in the smartphone market. The crafty device many have learned to love was first released on 29th June, 2007 in the USA where people spent days queuing outside Apple and AT&T outlets to get their hands on the newest piece of i-technology.

Orlando man receives threatening phone calls

Orlando man issued with convict's former number receives threatening calls

Fri 08 Jun, 2012 // Firstnumber

Within a few hours of purchasing his first mobile phone at the age of 49, Orlando man Junior Alexander Guy had received the first of many abusive calls. The victim estimates he was subjected to around 70 phone threats in total.

destination of the month Canada

Destination of the month: Canada

Wed 06 Jun, 2012 // Firstnumber

Canada is the second largest country in the world and as such provides a huge variety of sights and activities for visitors to enjoy.

phones on planes

Britons against phones on planes

Fri 25 May, 2012 // Firstnumber

Nine out of ten British travellers are against mobile phone calls being permitted onboard flights, reveals a new poll. 86 per cent of those questioned oppose the idea as “it's annoying to listen to other people's conversations”.

Dinner can wait, phone calls canno

Dinner can wait, phone calls and texts cannot

Fri 18 May, 2012 // Firstnumber

A new study reveals 68 per cent of Brits do not think there is anything wrong with answering their phone during a meal out with friends, or a date. It does not matter whether the call is important or not. A society that has historically been associated with good manners and basic courtesy is changing with the growing popularity of mobile phones.

White House gets first telephone in May 1879

White House gets first telephone in May 1879

Mon 14 May, 2012 // Firstnumber

It is hard enough to imagine a life without making social phone calls to your friends and family, but try to think what phone-less life must have been like for those trying to run a country back in the day! The White House got its first telephone installed in May 1879, when President Rutherford B. Hayes was in office.

Smart phone app helps shed weight

Social networks and smart phone app help shed weight

Fri 11 May, 2012 // Firstnumber

More and more research has led to the belief that obesity could in some cases be caused by an addiction to junk food. Doctors hope treatments similar to Alcoholics Anonymous could help tackle the growing trend.

Texting and Driving test

Belgian learner drivers asked to pass Texting and Driving Test

Fri 04 May, 2012 // Firstnumber

A Belgian road safety campaign group launched a controversial campaign this week to prove just how dangerous it is to write text messages behind the wheel. By falsely informing young motorists of a new law, the Responsible Young Drivers group was able to persuade them to undertake a driving test that required them to type a message while maintaining control of the car.

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