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Almost Half of Small Business Owners in The USA Employ Smartphones

Tue 26 Oct, 2010 // Firstnumber Team

In a study carried out by Forrester entitled The State of Consumers and Technology, it was revealed that whilst only 17% of Americans own a smartphone, the percentage amongst small business owners is almost three times higher, with 49% reported to be using the latest mobile technology.

Even amongst the younger Generation Y group of 18-30 year olds, the usage of smartphones remains relatively low, with less than one fourth of this age group adopting the latest trend.

With regards to the utilisation of smartphones by small business owners, it is believed that the technology is being preferred to feature phones on the basis that users are far better equipped to carry out and keep on top of various business transactions and activities.

With the growing importance of online marketing and social media in the market place, it is becoming more usual for businesses to actively engage in such aspects of online interaction. The web browsing capabilities of the smartphone, alongside the numerous apps available, allow for the effective programme of online or mobile marketing for small business owners.

The steep upwards trend in mobile advertising should also be considered in this context, with mobile advertising spend set to reach over $1 billion (a 50% rise on the previous year) in 2011 according to

However, the research from Forrester also pointed out that just under half of all U.S mobile users have internet access via their mobile phones. This statistic, coupled with the fact that only 17% of U.S citizens own smartphones, demonstrates that the vast majority of those accessing the web are doing so via feature phones rather than smartphone technology.

The persistent reliance on more “ordinary” feature phones dominates the mobile phone market in the USA. With prices still relatively high, smartphones do not offer the best value for money for the majority, who will never put the excess of applications available to good use.

For small business owners however, not just in the US but on a global scale, the smartphone has become something of a necessity in the race to keep up with the pace of the global market place. According to a study by Digital Strategy Consulting, smartphones make up 20% of the 3 billion mobile devices in the world, and is set to rise to 50% within the next 5 years.

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