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August in phone history

Mon 13 Aug, 2012 // Firstnumber Team
august phone history

August 1876 saw Alexander Graham Bell make the world's first long distance telephone call, at a distance of approximately 6 miles between Brantford and Paris in Ontario, Canada.

Two significant events took place in British phone history in August 1879. The Edison Telephone Company was registered, and was the first rival of The Telephone Company (Bells Patents) Ltd.
Later that month, Bell's team opened Europe's first public telephone exchange at 36 Coleman Street, London. The exchange served eight subscribers.

Many years later, in August 2008, Alcatel Lucent, the current owner of Bell Laboratories announced it would no longer be performing semiconductor research, and looking into basic science and material physics. Instead, it was to focus funds and research on more immediately marketable areas such as networking, wireless networks, nanotechnology and software, and high-speed electronics.

Modern telephone exchanges serve much more than eight subscribers, and enable cheap international calls to be made at distances longer than 6 miles!

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