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Belgian learner drivers asked to pass Texting and Driving Test

Fri 04 May, 2012 // Firstnumber Team
Texting and Driving test

A Belgian road safety campaign group launched a controversial campaign this week to prove just how dangerous it is to write text messages behind the wheel. By falsely informing young motorists of a new law, the Responsible Young Drivers group was able to persuade them to undertake a driving test that required them to type a message while maintaining control of the car.

The experiment, deemed “The Impossible Texting and Driving Test” came at a time when a study by Texas A&M University's Transportation Institute has revealed just how dangerous it is to use your phone while driving. Lead researcher Christine Yager said: 'Essentially texting while driving doubles a driver's reaction time. That makes a driver less able to respond to sudden roadway dangers.'

Those young Belgian drivers asked to take part in the new test proved they were unable to stay in control of the car when prompted to write a text. Their cars veered and hurtled dangerously through the track and between cones set out in the Brussels Driving Centre car park.

Video footage from within the cars shows visibly frustrated students struggling to complete the challenge. At one point the instructor slams his head against the dashboard as a panic-stricken learner driver suddenly hits the brakes. Another student requires help in steering the car. Needless to say none carried out the task well.

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