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Destination of the Month: Spain

Tue 01 May, 2012 // Firstnumber Team
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Spain is one of the top 3 most visited countries in the world. So what possible excuse could you have not to go and explore it yourself? Bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the southern country enjoys a sunny, temperate climate all year round, a factor influencing many expats' decision to make a permanent move.

Spain's appeal lies in more than just the weather, however. Its natural beauty, culture and history all provide excellent reasons to explore and get to know the country. Why not go somewhere off the beaten track to experience the “real” Spain?


La Gomera is one of the smallest Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. Its volcanic origins have made for a stunning terrain and scenery. With paths and trails criss-crossing the island's mountain range, La Gomera is a hiker's paradise. Local delicacies include goat meet and palm tree syrup or honey. The small island is also known for its distinctive wine.

Canyon del Sil is in the North of Spain, near Ourense. The beautiful valley sees the confluence of the rivers Sil and Mino. Visitors can explore the area either on foot, by venturing along the treacherous paths or more comfortably by boat. You can spot three monasteries along the way perched on the rocky shores! And you can stop off for refreshments at one of the valley's famous vineyards...

Historic sights

Montserrat Monastery is a Benedictine Abbey in Catalonia. Set atop the astonishing Montserrat mountain, the sacred spot provides awe-inspiring views across the local area. Many locals strive to watch the sunset from atop the hill at least once in their lives. Monks still occupy the monastery and welcome visitors.

Alhambra Palace is a mid 14th Century masterpiece located in Granada. Originally built for the last Muslim Emirs, the palace and fortress complex is one of the finest examples of Berber Islamic architecture in existence. Crowds gather to venture through the buildings and courtyards, admiring fountains, arabesques and other historic features.


Flamenco is a form of music and dance originating in the Andalusia region in Spain. Renowned for its energy and vibrant rhythm, the art is made to be performed in front of a crowd. Luckily, it's very popular and so shows are held quite often. Look beyond the tourist industry to find where the best shows are held as these will be much more authentic, as will the spectators.

Wine production is alive and well in Spain. Some of the best known names are cava and rioja, a sparkling wine and rich red, respectively. Visit vineyards throughout the country to try tipple after tipple and see what best tickles your fancy. If you have space in your luggage, bring some home! Prices for a good Spanish wine are much cheaper on the spot than in the UK.

Quirky facts about Spain

Spain produces 44% of all the world's olive oil.

There's 1 bar for every 129 people in Spain. This is one of the highest numbers in the world!

Spaniards are big on plastic surgery. Only the USA and Brazil surpass the Mediterranean country in its popularity.

Each year tourists spend about 1430 million Euros on the Spanish island of Ibiza alone.

Spanish children aren't visited by the Tooth Fairy but rather the Tooth Mouse or Ratoncito Perez.

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