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Dinner can wait, phone calls and texts cannot

Fri 18 May, 2012 // Firstnumber Team
Dinner can wait, phone calls canno

A new study reveals 68 per cent of Brits do not think there is anything wrong with answering their phone during a meal out with friends, or a date. It does not matter whether the call is important or not. A society that has historically been associated with good manners and basic courtesy is changing with the growing popularity of mobile phones.

The survey, carried out by mobile phone firm Recombu, reveals 63 per cent leave their handsets on the table while out for dinner. As many as one in seven of those polled admit to taking their phones to the toilet with them to check Facebook or send text messages (culprits may want to refer to our previous article on just what is on your phone).

“If we are not accepting calls and texts at dinner, we are playing games, watching videos or organising our lives with them,” said Hannah Bouckely of Recombu.

Other alarming figures revealed by the study are that more than a third of Britons admit they would struggle to live without their mobile phones. 59 per cent are so attached to their handsets that they keep their phones on them at all times. 16 per cent even admit to carrying their mobiles with them in their hands.

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