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O2 Global Friends' Service Offers Cheap International Calls using VoIP Technology

Mon 19 Jul, 2010 // Firstnumber Team

It has been six months since the acquisition of Silicon Valley based VoIP provider JAJAH by Telefonica Europe, the parent company of O2. The companies are now starting the enjoy the fruits of their labour with the launch of O2 Global Friends', a service which allows for reduced international calling costs for O2 customers.

The service, although primarily available in Germany alone, will be rolled out across Europe in the coming months. Matthew Key, CEO of Telefonica Europe explained the reasoning behind this:

“By launching our first JAJAH-based products in Germany, we are bringing breakthrough new services to Europe’s largest telecommunications market, further reinforcing our global leadership as an integrated communications innovator.”

For JAJAH, this partnership has proved to be extremely beneficial, as commented upon by JAJAH CEO Trevor Healy:

“The power of an innovative Silicon Valley start-up joining forces with a major telecommunications company highlights the benefits of combining innovation with scale. Telefonica global reach, huge customer base and marketing muscle will bring once-niche services to millions of mainstream customers, taking JAJAH-powered services to a whole new level.”

The service invites users to select up to five international contacts they have in their phonebook to be assigned with a local number, thus reducing the cost of making the call abroad. The VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology allows for the transmission of voice communications over the internet or other IP networks. Skype is one of the most recognisable applications of this technology.

Due to the low costs offered by VoIP software, it is becoming increasingly more popular amongst domestic and corporate environments. For businesses, VoIP solutions can improve the efficiency of business processes, as well as providing reduced infrastructure costs via the “unified communications” system.

This integration of various channels of communication, including phone calls, e-mails, faxes, and web conferences, under a single network means that voice and data communications are able to be sent to any handset using any means within a business context.

One example of this growing corporate popularity is the rise in usage of the Skype facility, which lends itself well to business operations such as video conferencing, as well as offering cheap international business calls.

On the down side however, in order to utilise the VoIP service, it is necessary to have access to a broadband connection. Although this facility is nearing omnipotence in today's society, there remains a section of the population who have no such access; over 10 million to precise.

So, despite the obvious benefits of VoIP technology, it remains inaccessible for many. Alternatively, access codes provided by many telco's are a great way of saving money when making international calls.

Are you looking to reduce your call costs to foreign countries? Take a look at our rates for cheap international calls and make great savings on your phone bill today.

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