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Record iPhone 4 sales despite reception loss problems

Thu 01 Jul, 2010 // Firstnumber Team

The new iPhone 4 is almost sold out across the UK. Within the first three days of its availability to consumers, 1.7 million units have been sold nationwide according to Apple. This is a new record for the launch of the newest version of the company's most popular product.

The two previous models – iPhone 3G and 3GS – both sold 1 million plus in their first three days on the shelves, but have been topped by their updated replacement.

Due to the overwhelming demand versus limited stock supplies, many customers were turned away after queueing for several hours. Retailers throughout the UK have reported sparse stock levels, with Tesco confessing to having only “scattered stock in a very few branches” according to The Telegraph.

A study carried out by AQA analysts concluded that of the thousands who queued outside British stores on the 24th July, around 77% of prospective iPhone buyers were existing customers, upgrading from their current model, thus suggesting that 23% were first time buyers in the iProperty market.

The highly successful sales numbers have however, been somewhat marred by numerous complaints of a loss of signal when the iPhone is held in a particular way. Originally promoted by Apple as a beneficial feature which would boost signal strength for many, the revamped stainless steel casing of the phone which acts as the antenna has come under criticism from many unhappy consumers.

It appears that the phone, when held with the left hand wrapped around it, experiences a loss of reception. This occurs when the stainless steel band on the iPhone - which houses part of the antenna - is partially covered and, as a result, interferes with the signal.

In a statement issued by Apple, customers are advised that the phone should either be held in a different manner, or should be encased in a protective case known as a 'Bumper. The latter are approximately £25 and will be available as of the 16th July according to the Apple website.

Although there have been some teething problems with the product, the majority of users have been enraptured by the iPhone4. From online reviews, one is able to see the excitement which captivates so many people. Thousands queued for hours outside stores across Britain, with over 1,000 eagerly awaiting the opening of Apple's flagship Regent Street store in London at 7am.

Whilst some are content to hold off until the hype fades, others could not wait to acquire the new product. One person even flew from Dubai to London to experience the atmosphere and to meet fellow iPhone enthusiasts. In a BBC interview he explained his motives:

“I like meeting the people at events like this, I like meeting the people and the excitement.”

The appeal of the new model lies in its improved battery life which promises up to 40% more talk time, its enlarged light sensor which increases the camera's mega-pixel count from 3.2 to 5, and its video-chat capabilities with two built in video cameras.

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