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Sandy causes major phone outages

Fri 02 Nov, 2012 // Firstnumber Team
Flooded Manhattan

Superstorm Sandy is to blame for major phone outages in 10 US states, including New York and Massachusetts.

On Tuesday, Chairman Julius Genachowski of the Federal Communications Commission warned the situation was likely to get worse before improving.

Sandy has well and truly left its mark on the communications infrastructure. Genachowski added: "The storm is not over. Our posture is to expect the unexpected."

With further rain, snow and winds forecast to hit some areas, this could delay repair works for some time still.

Flooding and power loss in Queens, Long Island and Manhattan resulted in network problems for Verizon Communications Inc. A Sprint Nextel Corp. spokeswoman also reported that service had been affected in some areas due to the same reasons.

Despite having prepared in advance for the storm to hit, nature's power was simply too strong for telecommunications providers to uphold a fully functional service. Poles and power lines were knocked down by the wind, and switchboards affected by power loss.

Get in touch with friends and loved ones affected by Sandy using our cheap calls to USA service. Fingers crossed their phone lines will have been revived by now!

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