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Destination of the Month: Australia

Wed 04 Apr, 2012 // Firstnumber Team
Cheap calls to Australia

The great Down Under is simply too big to be explored in its entirety so visitors face the tough challenge of choosing which areas to discover. Thankfully, wherever you decide to go, fabulous natural wonders are right on your doorstep. Even some of the country’s biggest cities are home to exotic sights and wildlife. Book your holiday of a lifetime now to experience…

Coober Pedy

A town like no other, Coober Pedy is actually no pretty sight. Set in the middle of a desert with barely any greenery for miles around, visitors can get the impression of suddenly having found themselves on another planet. Scorching temperatures have led to most of the town’s infrastructure being built underground where you can find homes, shops, hotels, cafes and even a church. So what, you may ask, is the reason to visit? Well, Coober Pedy is a fascinating place with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere encouraged by its diverse population of over 45 different nationalities. The area is home to the world’s largest opal mines, a fascinating sight to see. Here, you can purchase the precious stones for much less than elsewhere. Coober Pedy is within driving distance of Lake Eyre, the Moon Plain (where Mad Max and Priscilla Queen of the Desert were filmed) and the Oodnadatta Track. It’s a great base for those hoping to explore South Australia.

The Blue Mountains

Hop on the world’s steepest railway leading you down a 415m descent through a cliff side tunnel and an ancient rainforest, stopping just moments away from a long drop down into the valley. Does that sound like a tad too much adrenaline? The nearby Scenic Walkway might be right up your street. Nearly 3km of boardwalk snake through one of the country’s most beautiful Jurassic rainforests, passing springs with refreshing mountain water and the Rainforest Room, a rest area with comfortable outdoor seating perfect for a picnic.
The Blue Mountains are an area of outstanding natural beauty featured in the World Heritage List. Just some must-see sights are the legendary Three Sisters rock formation, charming Leura Cascades, Katoomba Heritage and Art Walk, and Govetts Leap for the views across the rolling mountains.
Reach the Blue Mountains by car or train in less than 2 hours from Sydney.

Nambung National Park

A jewel in Western Australia’s plentiful wildlife crown, Nambung National Park is home to the Pinnacles, a series of unique limestone pillars rising from the desert sands.
Keen swimmers and beach goers will love the park’s sandy beaches, ideal for snorkelling and surfing. The funnily named Hangover Bay is family friendly, equipped with picnic tables, gas barbeques and a boat launch. You might even be lucky enough to spot a bottlenose dolphin or a sea lion!
Within driving distance of Perth, the park is an excellent weekend destination for those looking to combine the best of a city and outdoor break.

Wherever you end up, remember to slap on layer upon layer of sunscreen!

Quirky Facts About Australia

Ever known a postie to travel 1,450km in a single day? In Australia this is the reality for the flying postman who performs the world’s longest mail run, covering the territory between Cairns and Cape York. The job takes 9 hours and includes 10 stops.

Australia is home to the world’s longest continuous fence, the Dingo Fence. It spans across an amazing 5,531 kilometres in Queensland and South Australia, saving sheep from becoming the greedy wild dogs’ next meal.

Australia is the only continent in the world to be occupied by a single nation.

Back in 1838 it was made illegal to swim at public beaches during the day. The bizarre law was in force until 1902.

You may wonder why the Australian coat of arms features an emu and a kangaroo. As it turns out, the answer is very simple. The two animals are incapable of walking backwards and so represent progress.

Do you have friends or family in Australia who you could visit along the way? Give them a bell now using our cheap calls to Australia service. Have a fabulous holiday!

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