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We Wish You a Mobile Christmas

Thu 14 Nov, 2013 // Firstnumber Team
Mobile Christmas

Retailers have predicted that the number of presents bought online through transactions made via smartphones and tablets will more than double this year. "We expect this Christmas to be a tipping point, where the majority of our online sales come from mobile devices," said Mark Lewis, Online Director of the John Lewis Group.  adding that more than a quarter of the retail giant's sales now occur via the internet. 

It is a trend repeated across the high street, with almost 25% of all retail sales now made online, with shoppers making purchases from handheld devices. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, retailers expect a dramatic increase in mobile spending to. According to statistics, some of the busiest shopping hours likely to be before breakfast and during the most popular evening TV shows.

This trend is bound to take another leap forward when more people unwrap their presents to find smartphones and tablets on Christmas Day. 

Last year, more than half of the 8 million tablets sold in the UK were purchased in October, November and December. More than 8 million tablets are expected to sell in the run-up to Christmas this year, with the launch of Apple's new iPad, as well as the release of cheaper products, including Argos's My Tablet and Tesco's Hudl. 

What's more, once these are unwrapped, many more devices are likely to be put on sale. Last year, half of John Lewis's Christmas Day sale traffic came from mobile devices. This year, the retailer is expecting that to jump to two-thirds as more households try out the new technology.

"There was a surge at 3pm on Christmas Day, just after the Queen's speech, as people tried out their presents – and we expect that again this year," said Lewis.

At Marks & Spencer, about a quarter of online sales on Christmas Day came via iPads alone. "We are expecting another big jump this Christmas. There are so many devices and they are becoming more affordable," said Laura Wade-Gery, digital director at Marks & Spencer.

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